Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Diet Survivor's Handbook by Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel

This was a very interesting book.

I've been convinced for many months of the idea that diets don't work. I've read several books that give basic instructions on how to eat mindfully, and it makes sense to me. Not sure it's actually good for losing weight, but pretty sure it's good for self-confidence and peace of mind.

And for the first chapter or two, this book repeated the same kind of information that I've already read about leaving diets behind, the harm they do, and how to eat mindfully. But the title claims SIXTY lessons in "Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care" and that is what this book delivers, actually. Some of the 60 lessons were derivative of each other (does that phrase make sense?), but many of them were fresh--at least to me. Every "lesson" was accompanied by a writing exercise and suggestions for application. And every lesson was followed by a pertinent quotation, some funny, some just cool. My favorite lesson was #54. 

If you are interested at all in this kind of thing, this book would be a thoughtful addition to your study of leaving diets behind. It was a quick read, worth re-reading the parts that seem most applicable to you.

Sex: no
Bad language: no

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